Blulemon Studio and Transmision services

The company is operating in the following fields:

Design of professional broadcast Radio and Television studios. 40 Years experience in system integration and installations. Supply of equipment  / Agent for international equipment suppliers. Planning and implementation of IT systems and networks. Supply and installation of microwave links, optical fibre and satellite. Frequency planning and propagation calculations. Project management and consultancy services training and after sales service and maintenance contracts. Broadcast Signal Distribution. Research & Development / Customized SolutionsSmart Apps

BluLemon is a licensed Signal Distributor by ICASA. Besides Sentech and Orbicom, BluLemon is the only ECNS license holder who has already operated digital television and radio transmitters in South Africa using the official DVB-T2 and DRM + in the FM band standard.Particularly if you require covering an individual geographic area, multiplex sharing brings challenges. But we can offer you a tailored signal distribution solution for your specific needs.Identification of the best technology for digital TV and radio broadband applications. We provide transmission facilities that meet your financial requirements. Combination of different digital technologies or standards to optimize your business efficiency (multi-standard approach)All technologies are available in our portfolio: DRM30, DRM+, DAB+/DMB, DVB-T2, DVB-T2 lite, AM-AMSS, FM-RDS, IP-Broadband (IPTV/OTT)Full turnkey solutions including hosting of VoD, services and transmission of Push-VoD content, Shoutcast/Icecast hostingProgramming of FM-RDS static and dynamic services and linking to your studio